SILVER Vol. 1 has landed on ComiXology Submit’s list of 24 must-read independent comics! 


If that wasn’t sweet enough, I am also particularly happy to find us list-mates with the amazing Becky Cloonan, whose work I adore, and with my pals Fabian Rangel Jr and Jason Brubaker, respectively with the very cool DOC UNKNOWN and the incredible REMIND.

So everyone at Dark Planet is honored, flattered, humbled...all those things...but most importantly, we are THANKFUL!

Thank you ComiXology, for having been an awesome partner and believing in Silver from the very beginning!

Thank you for having been the first platform to make “legitimate” distribution available to us, before the cons, before the Russ Manning nom, before the comic-shops, before foreign distribution, before everyone.

Thank you for having upgraded the Submit tab to the ComiXology front page, right next to the Big Two, making it an amazing store front!

Thank you for the passion of the awesome Submit Team, which has been awesomely proactive and full of cool ideas!

Thank you for the cool promotions and the awesome podcast

Thank you for supporting INDY COMICS!

ComiXology, you rock!

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