FIRST LOOK: SILVER #5 - Night Of The Duvaliers

The 5th issue in the Russ Manning Award nominated and ComiXology "Essential Read" miniseries SILVER will debut simultaneously in print at SDCC and on the digital platform 7/8/15. 

The 31 page extended issue sees Finnigan and his team finally reach Dracula’s citadel. In case robbing the world’s most notorious vampire and his court wasn’t perilous enough, other agendas within the team and among the vampire elite further complicate the situation.

While issue 5 continues to explore character relationships within the team, in particular the inevitable bonding between Finn and Tao, and begins to lift the veil on Finn’s backstory, it is also an exercise in WORLD-BUILDING. As the train reaches its final destination, we enter the hidden world of vampires--a world of intrigues, vanity, decadence and ancient traditions. A place out of scale and out of time, far removed from the laws of men or the eyes of God. A special kind of hell on Earth, which might just be a grifter’s paradise.

In short, issue #5 might be the craziest one yet. It's full of sass, mythology and action, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Team Dark Planet

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