BUILDING UPON FCBD: Complete SILVER 4-volume miniseries coming to DM this year!

Dear comic shop owners,

Could 2018 be the Year Of The Silver Dragon on the Direct Market? It very well might be!

First, we're super excited and thankful for the SILVER #1 FCBD Orders! We just shipped 47,000 of them! A whole bunch of new readers will be discovering the series, so to take advantage of the momentum, we have been re-soliciting “Stars of the Month” SILVER VOL 1 & 2 TPB,  (SEP141231, OCT151372) as well as soliciting brand new SILVER VOLUME 3 TPB (STL078908). The listings and ad-page can be found in the MARCH PREVIEWS, p352-353. 

The big idea is that SILVER’s complete and highly bingeable 4-volume set of trade-paperback graphic novels is coming to the direct market in 2018 (with Vol. 4 coming out in the fall). 

So stock up on your SILVER Vol. 1-3 if you haven't, and keep your eyes peeled for Vol 4 coming later this year! The full and complete epic story is coming to your store! 

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