SILVER VOLUME 4: A Huge Personal Milestone!


This morning at 9AM, The Kickstarter campaign for SILVER VOLUME 4 went live, marking a huge personal milestone. Just as we did for the previous three volumes, we launch the Kickstarter as a pre-order opportunity once the book is already completed, or very near completion. This means that I am currently inking the final pages of vol. 4, the foundational arc of the Silver Universe, where Finn, Sledge and Tao meet, and endeavor to still the Silver Dragon.

5 years ago, I decided that there was no time like the (then) present to get started with the kind of graphic novel opus that I had always dreamed of making, and little did I know this was going to take over my life! 463 pages of SIlver  and 242 pages of Rosalynd later, this has been without a doubt the most fulfilling experience of my professional life, not only because it made me grow by leaps and bounds as an artist and storyteller, but because it transformed my relationship with storytelling itself.

One of the most profound part of this process has been the comic book convention, where for the first time in my career, I had the opportunity to meet personally and develop a relationship with thousands and thousands of readers, fans and friends. Hearing you so generously sharing your passion for these characters and the story we've created has transformed my work from mere self-expression to something so much more alive and connected.

So I won't make this long, but will just extend a huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone from Kickstarter backers, to con-goers, and all readers, who have invited Silver into their creative and imaginary life! I couldn't be more grateful to you, and excited to share with you this 4th volume, which I feel concludes this arc with a major Bang!

However, just because this original arc concludes, have no fear, Silver is not ending! Far from it! In fact the Silver Universe will continue, as we have only began to lift the veil on its unique mythology and on these characters stories.



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