Ocean’s 11 In Dracula’s castle

Silver is a high-concept, super fun genre-blender, featuring pulp-era conmen and a troubled vampire-hunter as they try to steal a mystical treasure from a castle full of vampires--what could go wrong with that plan?!

Indiana Jones With Vampires

Silver is a globe-trotting pulp-fantasy adventure, whose charming anti-heroes leave the modernity of 1930's New York City,  only to face hair-raising action, epic challenges and the supernatural, in a wider world full of mystery, forgotten places and ancient secrets.

A Young-Adult Adventure

Silver features 11 year-old Tao Leu as one of its main characters. Tao is a boy who can see the future (but not his own), and a hustler of the first magnitude. No, seriously, he's the biggest scoundrel in the whole series. But for all his wits and character, Tao is just a boy. Will he manage to hold his own within the group of seasoned conmen, or become the weakest link in the chain..?

Tonally, the combination of character sophistication, world-building and (Harry Potter-level of) appropriateness makes SILVER a thrilling and accessible read across a wide variety of ages, and a middle-school librarians favorite.

A Rich Original Universe

Spun out of Bram Stoker's literary classic DRACULA, SILVER retains the original novel intact at its core, while extending its world in every possible direction: Toward its future, following what happened to the original characters and their descendants, and introducing new characters; in its scope,  lifting the veil on a secret world of vampires spanning ages and cultures in which undead aristocrat engage in endless intrigues and arcane politics; toward its past, presenting an extended vampire lore reaching back to Bronze Age with tales otherwise lost to the sands of time.

A Screwball Comedy For These Modern Times

SILVER has been especially noted for the tone and depth its character work, and in particular the relationship between Finnegan and Sledge (Rosalynd). True to its classic pulpy roots, it harkens back to classic screwball comedy duos like Powell and Loy in the "Thin Man" series, or Bogart & Hepburn, albeit from a fully contemporary (and dare we say, feminist) point of view. 

A redemption Story

SILVER pits a group of lovable but morally challenged and emotionally broken characters against the undead. As the figuratively soulless conmen confront the truly soulless vampires, they are lead to a reexamination of how they have been living, and of what it means to really feel alive. 

A Book For The Die-Hard Comics Fan

SILVER's deep comic-book roots in terms of presentation and execution made it an instant hit with long-time comics fans, and an artists' favorite, with endorsements ranging from comics legends such as Tim Sale, Bill Sienkiewicz, Tommy Lee Edwards, and Jim Lee.

A Gateway Comic

All the while... the cinematic impact and clarity of its visual storytelling, combined with its sophisticated and accessible character work made it a hit with READERS ENTIRELY NEW TO COMICS. 



Silver's full original graphic novel miniseries consists of 4 volumes. Vo. 1 & 2 are currently in print, and Vol. 3 is scheduled for Q1 2017. Read below for a synopsis of the entire miniseries (WATCH OUT FOR SPOILERS AHEAD)

Volume 1: 1931, New York city. Meet Finnigan, ethically challenged master-­thief, and his partners in crime Mullins and Brantley, as they rob the mysterious Harker foundation. What was supposed to be their last job turns into a narrow escape from the FBI, and Finn loses the team’s retirement money. However, Finn discovers a mysterious ancient silver bar, and the late Jonathan Harker's secret ledger, which discloses the existence of a fabulous treasure made of silver, hidden away in Dracula's castle. Finn assembles a crew of talented but broken misfits to pull off the heist of the last ten centuries. On top of Mullins and Brantley, the team includes Rosalyn “Sledge” Van Helsing, who continues the family tradition, but has fallen on hard times, Hamilton Morley, a washed out burlesque actor/con man, Maitre Moineaux, an old forger who may not live long enough to see the job through, and Tao, a ten year old boy with the gift of second sight.

Volume 2: The team boards the Orient Express, which is filled with Vampires travelling to Dracula’s castle. Romantic tension builds between Finn and Sledge, but she may have an ulterior motive for being on the team. We also learn more about Finn’s broken past, as it quickly becomes clear that Tao needs a role-­model in Finn...something that Finn is not equipped to provide. Nonetheless, the team succeeds in pulling off the first steps of the plan in spite of Hamilton having a panic attack at the worst possible time. The team reaches the castle, and we find a powerful, but broken Drac, who never got over the loss of Mina Harker. For years, Drac has been in a funk--­­caught between his morbid obsession for the Heart Of The Dragon­­ (the missing silver bar stolen by Harker)­­ and his feelings for Mina, which are still haunting him. To pacify his subjects and prove he’s moved on, Drac has agreed to take a bride. Lillian Duvalier, a cruel and ambitious vampire princess is scheming to become the one, adding even more intrigue and volatility to the situation. As volume 2 ends, Finn and crew have managed to infiltrate the court, passing themselves as vampires, and successfully baited Dracula with a chance to regain the coveted Heart Of The Dragon. However, Finn and Tao have had a really close call.


Volume 3:  COMING SOON!




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Coming soon! Cool German edition from the groovy and passionate folks at Schreiber&leser. Stay tuned for ship date announcement!

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