Stephan Franck is a rare talent. He’s worked on so many amazing projects, stories many of us hold very dear, and he’s gathered up all those morsels of storytelling wisdom and dumped them into SILVER. It’s atmospheric but not broody, it’s funny but not quippy, touching but not sappy, and it’s vampires – REAL f***ing vampires. Stephan Franck is no joke!
— ANDREW MACLEAN (Head Lopper)

In SILVER #8 “Revenants”, Dracula must contend with the return of his great love Mina Harker, while Sledge is forced to revisit the night her sister was taken. Both must confront the ghost looming large in their past, each coming to a fork in the road that may offer a chance for redemption or seal their fate.

  • comic book, 42 pages
  • B&W
  • Digital: $3.99
  • Rated teen +
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