Abram and Sara Van Helsing had always dreamt of a normal life for their young daughters Rosalynd and Bernice, but the family could never escape its mysterious and tormented history. In the winter of 1915, the vampires came with the first snow, and for Rosalynd, nothing would ever be the same.


Hard Cover, 244 Pages,

Black & White

Rated: Teen +

ISBN: 978-0-9890386-5-2

Price: $21.99 USD


Stephan Franck’s Rosalynd is a gem. A tale so gripping that you can’t put it down. An unrelenting mystery with a searing emotional core. The story of Rosalynd and Bernice Van Helsing will fill your heart with joy and break it at the same time.
— DAVE REYNOLDS (Finding Nemo, Late NIght with Conan O'Brien)
Stephan Franck stretches his storytelling muscles in a tale seemingly written and drawn as a stream of consciousness tapped straight from the memory of Rosalynd Van Helsing. The result is expertly bursting with life, texture, beauty, and unspeakable horror
— TOMMY LEE EDWARDS (Superman: American Alien; Mother Panic)




Rosalynd is a one-shot 244-page Hard cover which dives deeper into the Silver Universe, and explores the mysterious past of one of Silver’s most beloved characters: Rosalynd “Sledge” Van Helsing. Secrets about her family will be revealed, as well as Rosalynd’s first-person account of the events that put her on the road to becoming the acerbic vampire-hunter from Silver that we know and love.


Sometimes, a story just wants to be told. It doesn’t care if you have other plans or an already busy schedule. It burns its way through your psyche until you have no choice but to just let it out into the world. That’s what happened to me with ROSALYND.

One of my favorite sequences in Silver Vol. 3 is a flashback. Sledge gets into a trance and is taken back to her childhood’s defining moment—the moment that changed her life forever. Because I wanted to immerse the reader in her surreal experience, I treated those pages in a style different from the rest of the book—a more deconstructed, stream of consciousness approach. By the time the sequence was completed, a door had been opened into the past, and into this character. And I wanted more.

After months of mental build-up, it all came out as a fever dream. Most of ROSALYND was created during one single business trip, during which I ended up stealing every possible moment, not leaving my hotel room for entire days of non-stop writing and drawing. I came back from that trip with almost a hundred pages of text and art. It was as if I—just like Sledge herself—had gone into a trance. And something really unexpected happened. Rosalynd became even more personal to me than I thought was ever possible.


My maternal family were “wandering Jews” from Bessarabia--the East just beyond the East that Bram Stoker writes about—who fled across Europe throughout the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th, and who practiced the dark arts of vodka-making, professional gambling, and dentistry. Theirs was a life perpetually lived as strangers, never knowing when the community they had just settled into would eventually turn on them. And it always did. Yet, they managed to find happiness in family life, during the brief moments that History would allow. And like Van Helsing, my grandfather’s name was Abraham—Abram, actually in the original spelling. He was a badass in his own right too, who escaped from Auschwitz TWICE.  And so just like that, the Van Helsings became a family like mine--only with one extra dark art  of vampire hunting. And maybe, over time, the hunter would have become the hunted and they would have found themselves a family on the run, hoping that if they didn’t attract attention from the living, maybe the dead would forget about them too.

Following my grandparents’ deportation (from which Abram returned but Sara never did), my mother (then 9) and her siblings became “hidden children,” and, often left to their own devices, lived many adventures in which the evils of the world were processed through the eyes of children. My mother’s childhood accounts of her family being torn apart, a testimony to the whimsical yet unsentimental resilience of children, also somehow became the story of Rosalynd Van Helsing.

Lastly, on an even closer note, Rosalynd is about the special magic of sisterhood. I have three wonderful children, and two of them are daughters. Not only are they incredibly powerful young women, but they are SISTERS. So of course, Rosalynd and her sister Bernice are them. I mean, of course, they are not them. But they are THEM. You know what I mean. They’re them.


At the end of the day, however, Rosalynd IS Rosalynd. She is the character we know and love, and from SILVER to ROSALYND, unraveling her mystery has been an incredible journey, one I hope you'll now join.

Stephan Franck, Los Angeles, July 2017

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